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Whiteboard animation is the ideal solution for promoting your business online.

Capture more attention and capture more sales!

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Whiteboard Animation explained in 60 seconds...

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Tell your story clearly and concisely with Whiteboard Animation

animated whiteboard videoNothing drives your point home faster and easier than video!

Unfortunately, many small to medium sized business owners never fully incorporate the power of video into their online marketing strategy because professionally produced video can cost as much at $1000 per minute.

Until Now…

Animated Whiteboard Videos offer an affordable solution to traditional video.  In addition, if you’re intimidated about being in front of the camera, Whiteboard Animation solves that problem too.

User-Friendly = More views, more sharing, more conversions

Whiteboard Animation is a relatively new technology that allows you to provide important information to your viewers in a fun and friendly format.  It captures and holds the attention of your audience, which makes your message more memorable, increases social sharing, and results in higher conversion rates than standard text.

Search Engines Love Video

It’s true, search engines really do love video and when we optimize your Animated Whiteboard Video with the proper keywords, web surfers will be able to find your business faster and easier.  In short, your message becomes more accessible and more interesting to your target audience.


Low Pricing on Whiteboard Animation Videos!

Give your online marketing strategy the boost it needs with our full service Animated Whiteboard strategy!

For only $499, you get the following:

  • Professional production and editing of a 75 second whiteboard animation video
    (one minor revision included, if necessary)
  • All artwork
    (But if you want a specific image, we ask that you email it to us.)
  • Background music
  • Professional voice-over! (male or female voice)
  • Branded with your company logo and contact information
  • Fully produced and ready for upload to your YouTube account, Facebook page, or website!

Available Upgrades:

  • Script writing – $100
    (We’ll conduct a brief phone interview with you and then write the entire script for your video based on your needs.)
  • Additional length – $100/min
    (Need a video that is longer than 75 seconds, no problem)

Ask about our monthly package discounts!

 Email or call us at (800) 606-8419 for more information.