Are You Still Directing Traffic to Your Home Page?

The biggest mistake that most business owners make is attempting to drive web traffic to the home page of their website. 

Custom Landing Pages

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While this strategy may appear to make perfect sense, nothing could be further from the truth!  In fact, it is nothing more than a missed opportunity.  Unfortunately, many business owners do not understand what is a landing page.

The typical business home page does not have the critical elements necessary to convert visitors into qualified leads and prospects:

  • A strong “Call to Action”
  • A opt-in form that can capture the visitors contact information
  • Short, targeted, and specific content
  • Few options available for the visitor
  • A value-added proposition

A visitor to your website is just as valuable to you as a visitor to your store or office.  They provide you with an opportunity to convey your sales presentation and capture new business.  A properly designed landing page drastically improves your conversion rates and decreases the chance of that web visitor leaving without you ever knowing they were there.

Our custom landing page build includes the following:

  • Full integration of hosting, autoresponder, page content, video embed and all other facets of landing page.
  • Home page plus 4 additional content pages (total of 5) and also an integrated blog!
  • Optimized content written for each page (with your input).
  • Embeded video on every page
  • All on-site optimization: headings, titles, metatags, descriptions, and plug-ins
  • All software and updates are provided at no extra charge

For local clients, we can even professionally shoot your video!

Watch our free video presentation or read our blog post for more information.

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