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getting ranked by googleIn her book, Marketing in the Age of Google, Vanessa Fox- former Google executive and the creator of Google’s Webmaster Center, states the following:

  • Americans perform over 23 BILLION online searches per month
  • 86% of all user clicks occur on organic results
  • The two biggest keys to achieving high search engine rankings are CONTENT and LINK BUILDING
  • A business without a strong organic search strategy is losing an increasingly large percentage of  customers

Developing a search acquisition strategy that fully harnesses the searching behavior of potential customers typically required business owners to spend countless hours writing content, post it in hundreds of different locations online, and back link it all to their website.  In short, achieving search engine rankings is a craft for which most business owners do not have the time nor resources to learn and perform effectively.

The solution is to outsource these tasks to specialists with the tools, skills, and experience to get results.  At Online Profit Strategy, we work with each client individually to devise a strategy that meets business goals, targets the appropriate audience, and improves web traffic without breaking the budget.