Email Marketing

Isn’t email marketing a thing of the past?

Marketing cycle sketchIn a word, “No”!  The problem is that most companies fail to strategically formulate their content and their emails in a way that compels their audience to open, click-through, and engage with them.

By haphazardly sending email blasts full of self-promoting propaganda, businesses lose subscribers and waste the potential for leveraging a medium that is free, simple, and effective when executed correctly!

While Facebook is estimated to have nearly 1 billion users, statistics show that there were over 3.1 billions email users in 2011 and that number is projected to increase to 4.1 billion by 2015.

Understanding the Components of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Be Mobile Friendly
A 2012 study by digital marketing agency Knotice showed that 41% of all emails were opened on mobile devices.  Unfortunately, a similar study indicated that 58% of businesses do not design their emails with mobile devices in mind.  Our email marketing strategy ensures mobile compatibility.

Mind Your Content
Our email campaigns are designed to provide value to your target audience.  An email campaign is only as good as the information you provide.  The more compelling and valuable your content becomes, the more eager your recipients will be to open and click-through.

Drive Traffic
Every online marketing strategy we use is intended to drive traffic back to your website.  Our email campaigns are no different.  Watch your analytics data soar as we implement a content rich, targeted program for your business.

Measure Results
By monitoring open rates, click-through rates, and traffic data, we’re able to show you measurable results and ROI’s that prove the effectiveness of every campaign.