5 Reasons to Keep Blogging

Written By : Greg Preite

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If you’ve been blogging to support your online marketing campaign, you have probably already encountered the biggest challenge in the writing world: Procrastination.

There’s just something about blogging, or writing in general, that makes us put it off until later… and later… and later. Pretty soon, that weekly blog you started to promote your business has become a monthly effort at best. Life gets in the way, and you might think that you can put off writing your next blog until tomorrow or next week. But when you let your blog lag, you can actually do some serious damage to your online marketing campaign.

keep goingBefore you slack off on your writing duties, consider the following five consequences of abandoning your online audience.

Your website traffic is suffering. Regularly publishing blogs on your website is one of the best ways to boost your traffic. But when you stop blogging, you will begin to notice a decline in your visitors. After just a few months, you might find that your website views have dropped significantly.

Your can lose your search engine ranking. When you post keyword-rich, original blogs on a regular basis, search engines will usually reward you with a higher ranking. When you stop blogging, you allow the competition to creep up and overtake you.

You aren’t front-and-center anymore. Let’s be honest; in the age of social media, we’re all just one click away from discovering something new. When you blog regularly, you keep yourself right in front of your audience, where you need to be. When you stop blogging, you can easily be forgotten, or replaced by someone who does blog regularly.

You miss out on the conversation. One of the reasons you blog is to position yourself as an industry leader. When you stop blogging, you create the online equivalent of leaving a networking event early. Conversations are still taking place and contacts are being created, but you’ve already arrived home to watch Netflix in your pajamas. In other words, the professional world is still spinning – without you.

It gets harder to blog in the future. If practice makes perfect, it makes sense that not practicing can lead to rusty blogging skills. You wouldn’t stop playing the piano for six months and then expect to pick up where you left off, just as proficient as ever. The same is true of blogging. Once you allow yourself to procrastinate beyond a certain point, it will be much more difficult to find your groove again.

As you can see, procrastination won’t just stress you out; it can do serious damage to your online marketing campaign. Remember to set a schedule for your blogs, and make them a priority just as you would any other business endeavor. If you have trouble finding the time to organize your thoughts and publish them, give us a call and we can help you implement a successful blogging strategy.

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